MAY 12 – Prayer

The pansies 

It is a small plant that embellishes our gardens. From the leaves comes out one or more threads guided by its small buds; when these buds burst open, we have before our eyes small flowers but very fine and singular in their forms and color. It is odorless, but not all the perfections are found in a flower: put together with the rose, the francesillas and their other companions, they will form a beautiful composition.


To elevate our thoughts to God, is prayer. Our soul had been created to contemplate, to see and to gaze at God. What is created, visible and material have been put before our eyes in order to elevate our thoughts to God, the Creator, to God the invisible, to God the immaterial. Without prayer persons become debased, degraded, materialized and become worse than a stupid person or a donkey.

Of the twenty four hours, don’t we have one hour dedicated to think of and to look at God, a God who looks at us, a God who does not forget us, a God who thinks of us from eternity? Ah! and the whole twenty four hours be occupied with the matters of the earth, of the flesh and of the blood? It is not fair, it is not reasonable, that we dedicate one hour to think of and to look at God? What do I say? One hour? One hour and nothing more? What impedes us from eating, working and doing things in the presence of God? Nothing else but our sensuality.

The pansies in Mary

One single thought fully occupied Mary all her life, or I should say, all her thoughts led to and ended in one single object and it was this: man is lost by sin; he must be saved: God Savior, God redeemer.

The pansies in the hands of Mary

What are you thinking about? About what you love? Where your love is, there is your heart; and where your heart is, your head and thoughts are not far. Do you think of God? Do you have pure thoughts of God? Do you have that high, sublime, magnificent idea of God that corresponds to the reality? Examine it well. Let us come to our garden: how are our thoughts? Are they blooming? Gather all of them and tie them to faith and love of God and present them collected in this way to our Lady and say to her:

Mother: my thoughts are recollected and placed in your hands, present them to God. I oblige and commit myself to live henceforth recollected in God, to walk in his presence, not to forget him, and to contemplate his greatness. I oblige myself to pray continuously as the Gospel orders me offer my vows to your Son: take care, oh beautiful and loving gardener, take care of my thoughts, put them in order, I entrust them to your fidelity.

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