“I give you  praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned, you have revealed them to the little ones”  (Mt, 11, 25)

With these words, Jesus reminds us this Sunday that in the smallness the gaze of God is set, in the smallness the essential is hidden. Mary sings the greatness of God because he has seen his smallness. The Bible, depending on the translation, also speaks to us of simplicity. This simplicity, or smallness, tells us to become small in our soul because “The great work of God is wrought within” (Francisco Palau).

Smallness reminds me that a tree grows from a small seed or a small pin, and it is transformed and grows thanks to water, fertilizers, the type of soil, the climate, etc. The process of the human heart, as it meets God, grows thanks to love, service, dedication, commitment, etc., aided by grace, the Word, the works of mercy, the environment that surrounds it and, paradoxically, the more it grows in virtues, it becomes simple and smaller in the eyes of God. I believe that this is the smallness and simplicity of which Jesus speaks to us.

Jesus gives us a very clear example of being small and tells us that we must be like children, because children are the simplest thing that can see around us. A child always listens to his parents and follows their teachings; a child trusts, walks free, does not know of racial or social differences, laughs and smiles easily; a child simply dedicates himself to be happy and make happy those around him with just his presence. A soul of a child is pure and transparent.

In the eyes of the world, humility and simplicity are not valued; on the contrary, those who live according to this lifestyle receive ridicule and rejection, because the world values ​​success, progress, socio-economic level, etc.

Throughout the history of the Church, we have seen many testimonies of our brothers and sisters who have been able to discover this path of simplicity and have been great witnesses of what God “has revealed to simple ones”, and the revelation is nothing other than God revealing himself. Through revealing himself, he reveals his love and mercy.

Let us thank God, our Father, who loves us and calls us, and who created us to love and be loved, and let us ask him to embrace us with his mercy, so that little by little we can transform our lives, we can walk with humility, simplicity and with confidence as a child who lives joy and happiness, and we can enjoy the love that has been poured into our hearts.