Every member has and exercises its service in the way that in the Church-Servant all of us are servants of one another.

Fr. Palau felt in love with the image of the Church-Servant; he understood that the service was the most excellent form of showing his passion of love for the Church:

“Because I love you, in serving you I find occasion of pleasing you […], my heart driven by this incontrollable passion desires to serve and please you” (MR 9,7).

The Church herself clarifies these feelings:

“You will find me alone in cloister, desserts and hermits, and shepherd in the middle of the peoples, pilgrim in the roads, and all in all and in all parts where charity exercises its acts and functions” (MR 20,11).       

It is necessary to come to Mary in order to discover the Church. To come to her doesn’t mean an abundance of cult and ostentation, but to take interest, offer oneself totally to the task of making the Church known, serve her in our neighbor, proclaim her, take care of her, heal her wounds, etc. This means to truly love Mary. The firsts commandments for his directrees are full of this style: to be servants to one another; the one who acts as head should be the most sacrificed of all in this ministry of service, because to employ oneself in the service of others is to be truly of God and to take care of Him in his moral body (cf Letter 6,7.12)





We ask you, Mary, to help us construct the Church-Servant of men, that would answer with concrete actions to human needs, that would be attentive to what is happening near to her, sensitive to difficult situations we live. Amen.