This history of salvation begun in December 2018, after consented and prayed over answer of General Team of Animation and Government to enter and participate in the cause against human trafficking. In that moment I felt how much God loved us when he asked of us such a direct participation in this war, concretely in liberation of the bused children.

A war where God has decided about roles: to some sisters he allowed to live it from vanguard, risking their lives nights and days. We got to know their names from previous articles: “mommy angel”, “grandma with long arms” and other sisters that, with nickname or without it, lived this process staying in front, with courage in spite of suffering, fear and weariness.

Other sisters, like me, were asked to vivir from behind, from our tents. Without understanding, without seeing, without hearing, we knew that our part was to pray. It wasn’t the time to ask questions. It was to pray and spiritually embrace those children.

One day I received the gift of a name of one of those abused children, hopeless for living, to pray intensely for her (it was a girl, in this case). I knew that embracing this one girl I was embracing as well thousands and thousands of others. Even thought there was enough space for them, God was making a little place for each one of them to be there every day on the altar.

The day came when I felt the embrace of this girl… With every minute it was getting weaker and weaker, until I stopped feeling it… Some days later I learned that this girl preferred to leave to embrace the Our Father in Heaven…

Than other names were given to me, of hundreds and hundreds abused children, to whom I embraced really strong so not to let them go…

Sometimes through WhatsApp I was receiving messages from those in vanguard, like Ma. Jose, who were telling me: “Ma. Teresa, pray stronger!” I could feel that things were going bad, that lives of our sisters were at stake, that there were many children who couldn’t resist anymore and were disappearing, abandoning this world, but still there were many who continued living and they still could be saved.

“And it happened that meanwhile Moses had his hands raised in prayer, Israel was winning, but when he was putting his hands down, the enemy was the one winning” (Ex 17:11)

This text was accompanying me making me feel that I couldn’t allow myself to be influences by impotence or tiredness, because there were already many days, weeks, months… But I understood that the suffering of those in front was much stronger than mine, and that the prayer is really powerful. To stop praying is already to lose the war because we were fighting without God.

Unfortunately, this war hasn’t finished yet, there is still much to be done. As Congregation we need to unite our strengths, from vanguard, from backstage, it doesn’t matter. All role is good, important and necessary to reaffirm our commitment in stopping the exploitation of the innocent persons, children, women… Let us cry: “IT’S ENOUGH!” against all this inhumanity.

Every time that you and I pray, we are lifting our hands so that this people who cries without ceasing, this people entrusted to us by God, can win against the evil, the demon (because it cannot have any other name).

“This kind of demons can ba cast out only by prayer” (Mc 9:29)

This struggle of all and each one of us is already the manifestation of our love for the Church: God and our neighbor. Let us never stop embracing with strength these our little brethren, as “mommy angel” reminded us, sister Marcela Alejandra in her testimony: so they might really feel that there is God who loves them, even in the darkest night.

“Than Jesus took a seat, took a child, embrace it and said: “Who receives in my name one of these little ones, receives me. And who receives me, doesn’t receive me alone, but also the One who sent me’”.

(Prayer adapted from “The Struggle of a soul with God”, Conference 4,25)

SOUL: What I ask oy you, my Sweet Mother is that, since you are the distributor of the graces of God that never come down to the earth without passing through your hands, and since your Divine Son never denies to you any grace you ask of him, please deign yourself tomorrow to present me in the audience with your Son, and to present him through your hands my demand, the demand of the whole Church: save all those our brethren, abused and tortured, so they might encounter soon consolation, embrace, help of a Good Mother who loves them, protects them, so they might reconstruct again their lives.

HOLY MARY, pray for them, your children abused and hopeless. Save them. Love them.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, pray for their families, comfort them.

HOLY VIRGIN OF VIRGINS, pray for the evil one to be converted and learn to love.

HOLY MARY, pray for us, pray for whole HUMANITY. AMEN.


Ma. Teresa Garcia Rodriguez, cmt