My beloved children, Joseph and Mary,

Names that represent many,

Many, too many lives

That lack of what is most esteemed.


I don’t know you in person,

And you are far from me,

But never doubt, not even for a moment,

That you already dwell in my heart.


Do you know who am I?

I will tell you:

I am your grandma Maritere

That would like to live with you.


Since I’ve learned about you

You have entered into my heart,

And, without realizing it, you are already a part

Of this interior space of mine.


I already call you my grandchildren

And I’m sure that my embrace,

My kisses and caresses

Were noticed in your hearts.


I’ve always loved the children,

I’ve always felt happy among them,

And always the most vulnerable

Have been my favorite.


My beloved grandchildren,

I would like to give you something important:

Love, joy, tenderness and happiness

That flow abundantly from my heart.


I pray for you,

I touch you with tender care

And every time I see a child

You resound like an echo in my heart.


From my soul I would like to cover you,

Wipe away your tears, cloth you in love,

Hear your cries and lessen your pain,

Put on your feet the shoes of hope and courage.


The grandmothers for their grandchildren

Use to have many stories.

Attention! Your grandma Maritere

Every day is connected with your heart.


When I talk to you from my soul

And to all the children whom I contemplate,

I feel something indescribable in me, that overwhelms me,

Silences me and fills with awe.


For me, at this moment, you are important

And I gave you your family name:

Joseph and Mary of Child Jesus

And I left you in his heart.


Be strong, my beloved,

You are not alone,

If God moves hearts,

Very soon you will be free.


God the Father

guides you by his hand:

Don’t let it go

And soon you will see the end.


When you are calling your mommy,

Maybe she won’t hear you

But our Mother Mary

Will embrace all of you.


It may seem like a lie

That I can love what I don’t know

I assure you, my grandchildren

That I have just experienced it happening.


I also would like

To give you thanks:

You have moved my heart

And in this field it won’t turn back.


Remember, my children

That with the Wi-Fi of the soul

We will stay in touch

Always, with love and peace.


Your grandmother Maritere

Ma. Teresa Mateos Timon CMT

El Vendrel, July 24th 2020