There are realities that seem not to exist, of which she merely speak, of which maybe once a year (like today) we see some data that will some disappear among other hot news in newspapers. Realities that, because of their cruelty, seem unthinkable for us and to be aware of them makes us feel bad and uncomfortable. We try to make invisible what makes us feel ashamed, bad, scared, what points out to human perversity and to social incapability to protect the most vulnerable. But sometimes life itself will call at our door. And it oblige us to LOOK and to SEE. And when we have already seen all the suffering outside of our door… I cannot conceive the possibility to remain silent.

This is the reason why I share with all who desire to LOOK, SEE and LISTEN my experience that lasted a little more than one year. I do it shyly, with difficult to break the silence in which the persons close Marcela had to live in.

The heroes of this story are the children rescued from the international nets of sexual exploitation and drugs. It is Marcela Macagno, the young CMT sister, the survivor, who decided to be the VOICE OF THOSE WITHOUT VOICE risking her own life. It is her religious congregation, her family, who guided by the women touched by God began this process of collaboration that led to liberation of more than 8 thousands children, boy and girls, and teenagers, from the grasps of torture.

Sometimes life changes with only one call. Someone at the other end of the line will ask: “Do you want?” Not of I can, because there are processes bigger than our capacities, and she knew that. It was a matter of decision, and I said YES.

My role in this story is not so important. Allow me just to tell you that it changed my life and yes, gave me back my faith.

Whole my life I was working with pain; in prison, with young people in conflict with law, in the world of addictions. Always face to face, and in intimate space of my office. But after these months, trying to SUSTAIN WHO SUSTAINS, I got convinced that in the topic of human trafficking we need to break the walls. The walls of silence, of fear, of prudence, of complicity and lack of interest. We need to commit ourselves, each one of us from the space we occupy and in the measure of our possibilities, to generate conscience of this drama: in our families, friendships, patients and students, companions in work, whoever is available to listen.

The bleeding reality is that:

– Human trafficking affects all socio-economic stands, all ages, sex, countries. Yes, it also exists in Spain.

– Together with drugs, it’s one of the most lucrative criminal business.

– There are thousands of boys and girls who have been stolen, sold for sexual exploitation, to be beggars, members of crime groups, to be used as mules or for forced matrimonies. They are not missing. They are kidnapped. Let us not put make-up on what is really happening.

– There are thousands of boys and girls who are suffering those practices in hidden places, until they become adults and start their career in prostitution on he streets.

– The structural and social causes of trafficking are not being analyzed nor denounces nor treated: corruption in systems of justice, police, politics; treating human being as objects, disintegration of the nets of social protection, pornography promoted and available globally, little effective legislations, lack of formation of profesionals for detecting cases, etc.

We need to shout loud ENOUGH! Enough with converting human being in general, and children in particular, in the object of use and abuse! Enough with making of money the motor of our decisions! Enough with justifying of those who use prostitution! Enough with covering criminals! Enough with protecting the corruption! Enough with staying at margin, not looking, not wanting to see! Enough with hiding real statistics of the numbers of the victims of trafficking, minors and adults, which makes the knowledge of this reality more difficult!

Let us be attentive. There are boys, girls, teenagers, young people… that are still waiting to be rescued. Open your eyes. Tune your ears, They are here. Near to you. I’m sure of that. It’s terrible, but there are thousands of them. They are calling you. They are calling us. Will we answer?

Arantza Yubero Fernández