For whoever lives at peace with God, how despicable is the world and all its things! Disregard its madness and wickedness and take care to guard your unwavering heart in the face of what they would say or do. But, what can they do to whoever loves God? Nothing. I am safely and securely settled on the high, roughcast and unshakable rocks of Vedrá. I can see the fury of the sea crash and turned into fumes, and I laugh at its vain efforts because I am safe. The sea is restless, disturbed, agitated and tumultuous; it raised its furious roar, curl and straightens up in arrogance its waves, shaft on the large hard rocks, but all its perversities are turned into fumes. The servant of God sleeps tranquilly, he is not agitated, restless, disturbed; and while the sea is shaking its surroundings, he continues his work in peace. Do not lose heart, my daughter, keep your inner peace, repose and tranquility in the midst of the world and continue your work and interior occupations. The world and its concerns are not worthy of filling a place or space in the temple of your soul. Look at it at the height of your meditation; look at it nothing more than to put in order your relations and indispensable communications with God. In this matter do not argue with it, do not defend yourself, keep silent, pray and meditate and ask from God compassion. Here you have my daughter, the life designed for you to follow in the midst of the world (Letter 40,2-3).

What a great advice of Francisco Palau! We live immersed in the world and there times when we as the Church experience attacks and persecutions. It seems that world and the Church cannot walk together anymore, cannot understand each other. Even when we talk about the same thing, same values like love or freedom, these words have different meaning. The Church is attacked for defending values that our world doesn’t respect anymore, like human life from conception to natural death. Other times, the Church is attacked because people who belong and represent it don’t live in their lives those value they proclaim and teach. And what a Christian can do in times of being involved in these attacks? First of all, discernment. Let us first check out, maybe those who attack have their reason, feeling victims of our incongruity. Then it is our obligation to ask pardon to God and our brethren. When we are attacked because the world doesn’t share in our worldview, all we have to do is to continue with our good work, taking care of our relationship with God y being faithful to his great commandment of love of God and neighbor. But in any case, we shall not lose our inner peace. Let us stop arguing, shouting out our reasons, respond with aggression or disrespect. „Search then for peace. Let nothing disturb you, be it good or adverse; pass it around; lose everything except the peace of your heart and mind. When you feel restless, sad, sorrowful, embittered, search for the cause, and if it is not worth the trouble, and does not offend God, get rid of your restlessness; and if you do not see reasons for your sorrows, yet you feel restless and discontented, then endure it, be patient, let those hour of spiritual fever pass and your inner peace will return (Letter 38,8).


Aleksandra Nawrocka CMT