In this journey of Advent we have discovered different persons (Samson, John, Samuel) who are the fruits of answered to prayers and God’s generosity. Prayer that is a plea and trust in God, and answer that id God’s generosity. This is how we discover God’s plan. It is not nature or human designs what guides the story of salvation, but God’s love which is grace, fertility, vigor, courage that revives and repairs all that is damaged and weak, in agony.

This generous answer of God generates, in those who know they are listened, a prayer of thanksgiving, donation and offering. Ana offers the fruit of her womb in Silo, she consecrates him to God. Mary sings the greatness of God and proclaims all that God will do in favor of his people, when the most needy, suffering and slaves will become free.

In those women we are invite, first of all, to read our own story and see each one of the events God has made, so many times God has answered generously to our cries and pleas. Those „miracles”  that sometimes weren’t what we have expected, sometimes made us feel uncomfortable, because it wasn’t what we were asking for. Divine actions that in some moments where simple, small, but have become a point of flexion in our history and the history of those who form part of our lives.

By the other hand, it is the invitation to present our prayer of thanksgiving, our praises for all the good we have received, that is witnessing for those who continue searching, encouragement and impulse for those who are tired and discouraged. A song that renews our strength and strengthens our faith. And this way we will never forget that we need to continue living at the service, offering it all for the others. „mary stayed with Elisabeth for some three months…”

Do you have courage to trust in God? Are your aware of God’s grace in your life? Do you give thanks for your life, acknowledging it as a story of salvation? Do you serve and offer yourself for the welfare of your neighbor, making of your life a testimony of God and His love?


Fr. Wilson Ascensio Callejas