It was supposed to be a nice day, with less work or reflection… but God had a surprise in store for us.

We began the day by entrusting everything into God’s hands, in the morning Eucharist and prayer. Then we had time to reflect and share on the contributions given by the various teams from each Province.

In a second moment, we also reflected and shared what the communities of every congregation suggested as topics to be discussed during the Assembly. It was a time of dialogue on the real situation of our family and on what we consider important to strengthen.

When we connected the four locations, we had a time of prayer inspired by the message of Pope Francis for the Day of the Sick.

To our surprise, we were joined by Sister Marcela Macagno who shared with us her experience in the fight against human trafficking.

Her sharing led us to dialogue about our involvement in this cause as a religious family, both in giving life and in causing danger or even death to the people involved.

It was a difficult dialogue, for all of us, because of the poignancy of Marcela’s testimony and the sincerity to recognise ourselves as a part that builds or destroys.

We hope that with this experience, we can heal a part of our Congregational culture, turning towards the only important thing for a CMT sister: the mission that God entrusts to us at every moment, our commitment with the Church that suffers the most.