“Because I love you, O Church, I seek in service the means of pleasing you”.

Last July 20, 2021 was an extra ordinary event of my life as I finally made my first profession of vows to religious life together with the celebration of the Feast of the prophet Elijah venerable order of Carmel.  It was indeed so beautiful, with all the preparations of my sisters in the community – Queen of Carmel, it turned out to be very solemn and unforgettable.

My first profession is not the end of my novitiate but it brings me into another stage of novitiate which I hope will help me to grow more mature in loving and serving the Church; God and neighbor. As I commit to the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience, I therefore unite as myself to the family of Carmelitas Misioneras Teresianas.

I will never forget that day of celebration!  It was indeed a blessing, wherein the Christian faithful came to join with us despite of the pandemic. Everybody was careful to observe and follow the protocols on this occasion.   I thank God for keeping all my visitors safe and away from any possible contamination of the virus.  Aside from my own community, our sisters from Manila and Pangantucan despite of a high risk of their safety were able to join me in my first religious profession.  I thank them for their presence, who in the midst of their community schedule they were able to accompany me in such wonderful celebration unexpectedly.  It made me so much happy, although my family and relatives were not able to make it.  Thanks for the online coverage because I felt that they were virtually present in my special day.  I felt so overwhelmed how the sisters find ways so that my family can connect and join us during the rites and Eucharistic celebration.  Thanks, God for their loving initiative and support.

“Mi corazón quiere adorar al Señor”.  Thank you, Lord, for the gift of my vocation and for all the blessings that You have bestowed upon me all throughout the different stages of my formation.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the sisters who have helped me to be formed and guided me. For all their guidance and inspirations, encouragement to continuously giving my “Yes” to the Lord in the midst of some difficulties that I encountered.

Through my consecration to the Lord, I wish to deepen more my relationship, encounter Him intimately and be united through the three pillars of our life as CMT: prayer, community and apostolate. “God will not leave us without light or guidance…” so that we will always be ready to fulfill His will and plan for us.

Fr. Greg Baguio, ocd, the main celebrant of my first profession, in his homily, he said: In religious life I will be encountering trials and difficulties. That is why, I humbly ask for the prayers of everyone, and fervent accompaniment as well, so that I may be faithful in this journey until the end.

Sr. Maria Le Thi Mong Linh, CMT

Queen of Carmel Community, Lucena, Filipinas