“You cannot serve both God and money.”

In the parable of the dishonest steward in the gospel, Jesus tells us about two series of oppositions.

  1. The son of this world
  2. The son of light as we are

Jesus speaks to us about the money through this wall of the dishonest steward.  Money can become an idol sometimes.  For us, we must be wary of those who are.  In the gospel, Jesus did not tell us not to have money but to use it for the kingdom.  It is to say for the others (the poor).

Jesus invited us to use money as a way to help the poor.  In the gospel, it is not the dishonesty that Jesus admires but the ability.

The moral of the parable is to choose God resolutely and to put at the service of the kingdom the ability.  The money does not serve as divinity or idolatry but to put it at the service of the kingdom (the poor).

The point here is not the dishonesty and bad faith of the crook, it is rather the decisiveness and prudence of the steward when faced with the specter of failure, and poverty…the gospel teaches us to be honest in small things and to become aware of our responsibility.

Our Lady of Virtues Community,

Pangantucan Bukidnon