What has to happen so that I may believe? This question comes to my mind when I listen to the voice of God in today’s readings. Is it really necessary that the dead rise from the dead so that I may believe that the Word of God is true? That everything I do on this earth, good or bad, has its consequences?

It’s easy to raise my voice against the rich people who don’t care for the poor. But how many times have I seen a beggar on the street and passed quickly to the other side of the road because I was in a hurry to arrive in my community, to put on the aircon and eat lunch prepared by someone else? It’s easy to feel outraged for the public sins of others. But how many times I have done my own “tricks” in secret, thinking that nobody will know (How could they know! Everyone does the same!)? We live in a society that clearly separates the rich and the poor, the clean and the unclean. It’s easy to criticize that it is so non-evangelical. But how many times have I justified the barriers I invent to stay away from whom I consider “unworthy” of my love, care, help, friendship? And life may simply just keep going. The beggar whom I did not attend continues on the street. The people who were cheated by me in secret keep struggling without possibility of achieving justice (I was so good at erasing all fingerprints!) The people “unworthy” keep longing for a little hope and care I decided not to give. But suddenly, one day, it will happen: the day when they will appear so close to God I could only dream to be. And me, with my good reasons and justifications for doing nothing, will suffer the same treatment I gave to them.

Sister, brother, don’t wait for the dead to rise from their tomb. God is telling you clearly what is good, which way to follow. People dying on the street, losing hope because of your behavior, losing life because of feeling lonely without your love… are they not enough for you to believe that it depends on you to make this world better, for them and for yourself? Look at them, offer yourself for their well-being, and their happiness here will become your happiness not only here, but for all of the time, for whole eternity.