“Because I love you, I seek in service the means of pleasing you.”

Commitment means accepting responsibilities and an act of generosity of self-giving for others in fulfilling God’s call to the shared mission we have.  Once and for all, it is indeed a great pleasure of the Delegation of Asia of San Lorenzo Ruiz to have our newly appointed and elected sisters of its animation and government.  To wit, we are grateful for their kindness and availability.

Provincial Delegate: Sr. Gloria Esther M. Alonso

First Councilor: Sr. Chrezann M. Angulo

Second Councilor: Sr. Sharon S. Villafranca

With the presence of the Provincial Animator, Sr. Teresa Vives Pertusa and Sr. Ma. Rosario Paya, Councilor, the whole assembly is joyful and hopeful for the new set of delegation council who will guide, accompany, and animate the life and mission of every community to journey together in this path of synodality.

The sisters in the delegation expressed gratefully for the unwavering service and dedication of the previous council.