Today’s readings leave us with a lot of things to ponder. First, it tells us the many names of Jesus. He is called the “Lamb of God” as exclaimed by John, the “Rabbi” mentioned by the disciples, and the “Messiah” as Andrew told his brother Simon. In the first reading, Samuel did not yet know who the Lord was, but later on, He was revealed to him. In our own lives, it is nice to go back once in a while to these questions: How well do we know Jesus? Who really is He for us? Are we capable of claiming His identity as our identity even in the midst of afflictions?

Second, the Gospel tells us a story of vocation. It is about the calling all people were given: the “call to follow Jesus.” We were all invited by Him to “come and see” as he asks us, “What are you looking for?” Perhaps we might imagine ourselves as the other disciple whose name was not mentioned, and hearing these words directly from Him becomes more meaningful. Answering the question with another question surely is a way of diversion since we ourselves sometimes aren’t sure what we really want. We weren’t sure about the deepest longing in our hearts, not until we found Him. “I spent my life seeking for my beloved… The object of my love for me was God, in a very confused, vague way, without details.” [MR 8, 21].

Lastly, this Sunday reminds us of “true discipleship.” Related to the call to follow Jesus is to become a true disciple of Him. There will be someone who comes and proclaims the Kingdom of God. We might as well have only “heard” about Jesus from respected and known individuals like Eli and John the Baptist. They are the instruments of God. One’s vocation and discipleship can start through the mediators whom He sent first to prepare His way.

We know that at first, Andrew and the other one were the disciples of John, but the latter let them go His way. That is true discipleship: letting other people go to where they were really meant to go, not discouraging them but rather building them up, preparing them, and making them closer to God. That is the main challenge of the Gospel today: how do we bring our neighbors closer to God? Like what Andrew also did, the first thing he desired to do was introduce Jesus to Simon. Do we also fully desire to share Jesus with other people who don’t know Him yet? God uses each one of us to proclaim His goodness, mercy, and love to everybody. How can we be open to becoming His mediator and instrument for many? We need to listen attentively to His call and to His will. Let us be committed to being His true disciples.