The Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Team of San Lorenzo Ruiz Delegation Asia participated in the release of 68 newly hatched sea turtles (Pawikan) at the bay of Sitio Kaingin, Bignay 2, Sariaya, Quezon. In coordination with the Municipal Environment Office (MENRO) and Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) of Sariaya, we were invited to witness and set free the baby sea turtles.

According to Mr. Edwin Frias, one of the “Bantay-Dagat Officers,” this was the 5th time that they released sea turtles along the bay. This batch was laid out by their mother around 1:00 AM at the seashore. After the sea turtle laid eggs, the Bantay-Dagat Officer carefully searched, picked them up, and put them in the little hatchery that they made to protect them and make sure they would be hatched. After 12 hours, they needed to go back to their natural habitat, which is the sea.

It was said that after 25 years, they would go back to the place where they were born. For this to happen, the message that God wants to convey to us is that we need to preserve and nurture the environment, the land, and the waters because they are our common home and God has entrusted them to us. “Humans are commanded to care for God’s creation.” [Gen 2:15]