In an ordinary ship of my trip going to Coron, Palawan, I was once travelling alone, I noticed  a 2-3 years old girl who was playing the hair of her mom who was lying on a tijeras,(a simple narrow bed that is, when open is like an X of its legs that sustain it and only one could be accommodated.)  It was a cute, sweet and charming scene between a mother and a daughter wherein I enjoyed looking at them.  I noticed the comfort of one another, as the little fingers combing the long and shiny hair of her mom.  Later on, when the ship was getting ready to leave the port, we heard the ringing of the bell and the loudness of siren sounded like a big truck coming on our way.  The little girl started to look frightened and cried.  Immediately, her mom stood up, gently got her and took in her arms.  With the mother’s embrace and a peaceful face, she stopped crying and everything was alright.

True enough, in our everyday various experiences, it reveals to us a reflection of God’s love.

The gospel reading according to Mark, Jesus had a special love and attention for children because with Him, they are the perfect candidates, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. “Let the children come to me.” He did not stop them to be nearer with Him, rather He embraced and blessed them.  What a scenario!

We all knew that Jesus became like a child.  He experienced to be loved, cared and to be sent forth.  Recently, we remembered how He was born in a manger, for there was no place for them, but it was the greatest place of all.   The wise Magi even gave homage to Him.  The Word became Flesh!

All of us, too.  We became like a child and born in different circumstances. We knew deep in our hearts how marvelous it is to be a little one, of being loved and cared for.  We knew, in our weakness and innocence, there’s a magic about it.

What is the invitation for me?  For you? For us?

Let others come to me…

As we grow older, we are not prevented by Jesus to come and be near with Him rather His invitation is to outgrow of ourselves to go forth for others to welcome, to appreciate, to love them and most specially to let them be nearer to Jesus through us.

Allow others to be near with me whoever they are because they do not need the presents but our precious time and presence.  Nevertheless, we are gifted to give.

In the scenario above, the mother acted Jesus-like in the way she treated her daughter.  Both of them were comforted. There was an assurance that the child was in good hands with the mother.  For sure, at times, the child will be hurt.  The mother will be hurt.  Likewise, us.  We will be hurt, too.  And God knows that it is necessary and we will be needing Him to be whole again.  Because Jesus suffered a lot for us because He loved us.  He was able to bear it because of an unending glory with the Father.

Remember this song?

Just like the child, who weak he cannot stand,

but who holds, firm and tight her mother’s hand,

just like a child who sings in bright daylight,

fearing not the long dark night…