As Congregation of Carmelitas Misioneras Teresianas, we have just accomplished another stepping stone in our journey as family in mission, our IX General Assembly. And now, at the door of the Season of Lent, the invitation for conversion for becoming who we are meant to be, is even stronger. Let us take advantage of this opportunity that the Church is giving us to re-adjust our steps to what the Lord wants from us.

Pope Francis began his Message for Lent 2021 with these words: Jesus revealed to his disciples the deepest meaning of his mission when he told them of his passion, death and resurrection, in fulfillment of the Father’s will. He then called the disciples to share in this mission for the salvation of the world. We can also discover in our personal and congregational life that we are here for mission that God has entrusted us, and that its fulfillment will necessary lead us through passion and death. The path of fasting, almsgiving and prayer is an invitation to give true meaning to our life and mission orienting it to the most vulnerable members by constructing fraternity with them from the attitudes of self-denial, concern and loving care for the poor and the childlike dialogue with the Father. May this Lent mark the beginning of a culture of care that we need so much to heal our wounded world, knowing that „love is capable of building a new world”.


Message of Pope for Lent 2021