As disciples, it is our duty to be faithful followers of Jesus, but we knew to be faithful is not easy, sometimes we question the movement of God in our lives, and we could not easily understand the will and ways of God. Like the prophet Habakkuk, beginning his book questioning God concerning the impeding Babylonian forces, threatening the Kingdom of Judah. Likewise, the Responsorial Psalm challenges the people to listen to Timothy, urges the young leader to be faithful and not to be ashamed of giving testimony to our Lord. And in the Gospel, Jesus talks about the importance of having faith even the size of a mustard seed. Jesus, counsels his disciples that as their faith deepens, great things will happen in their lives. He also talks about the calling of a faithful servant who does what is expected and does not expect rewards in doing what is asked or required to do.

The theme of the readings for this Sunday invites you and me to ponder on our faith. How is our faith in God’s divine providence? For we know that this all-knowing have always the good and the best plan for us.

And as reflect on the readings, I come to think of the Saint that we all love, St. Therese of Lisieux, whose feast we celebrated yesterday. Her teachings tell us of childlike simplicity, of deep faith, and total surrender to the everlasting love of God. Her act of goodness, no matter how small, but with great love. Indeed, our vocation or calling is rooted in faith. To have confidence in God, who knows and called us to be his followers, a servant of God who listens to his voice and respond without delay like St. Therese.

Let us the intercession of St. Therese for all of us, who are called and chosen by God to work for His Kingdom. And may today’s readings guide our journey of faith and discipleship, walking in the presence of God. So, we can surrender totally our lives to Him, without questioning instead with a persevering Spirit, especially in a challenging time, and a childlike trust like St. Therese. Capable to surrender everything in the hands of God, and let God bless the past and take charge of the present and the future, trusting His divine plan.

May this be our prayer: Lord Jesus, increase our faith and confidence in you. Amen